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Tik-Talk Anticafe

Baku, Sabail district, Rasul Rza street, 35 AZ1000 *** 1 voted

About Tik-Talk Anticafe

The official Facebook page of first anticafe in Baku! Our anticafé is located in a historic part of city center at a crossroad of Tolstoy street and Rasul Rza street on a second floor of a building.Why is it called “anticafé”? Unlike traditional cafes, you can get tea, coffee and sweets for free!

First anticafe in Baku

You will pay only for your time. Everything else is totally free!Here you can:

  • Try our tasty selection of tea, coffee and various cookies and sweets
  • Play board games with your friends
  • Work in peaceful environment, prepare to your studies or just spare a time with your favorite book