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The Khirdalan Cardboard Factory

Khirdalan, 1232th passage way, 28-32 AZ1000 *** 1 voted

About The Khirdalan Cardboard Factory

The Khirdalan Cardboard Factory restarted as a result of reconstruction in 1996. Under non-stop three-shift working regime, the factory’s annual capacity is 38,000,000 square meters of corrugated fiberboard.  The factory produces 2- and 4-coloured cardboard boxes of different sizes and designs, both straight- and pattern-cut, as well as egg containers. Our three- and five-layered cardboard  meets international standards and  can compete against the advanced manufacturers in the segment.

A, B, C and BC waved corrugated fiberboard is produced here. To provide for enviroment-friendly products, the Egyptian Starch glue is used. The factory area is 6.63 hectares including 4.2 hectares under construction. The factory has an automatic railway and automatic fire-extinguishing facilities.

Its production process with no wastage, the factory was certified ISO-9000 in 2001. The latest paper-production technologies are used at the factory. The factory’s highly-skilled professional engineers and maintenance group provide customers with valuable advice through the packing process and any kind of support for their performance to be better and cheaper. 

In terms of production quality and equipment, the Khirdalan Cardboard Factory enters the top 10 of the world’s most modern 70 factories