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Terter Electromechnical plant

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About Terter Electromechnical plant

Terter Electromechnical plant was established by the Order of the Council of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic from August 3, 1976, No 246 on the base of “Azmeliovodstroy” ‘s objects in Terter.From 1977 the plant was operating as an affiliate of the Lianozov Electromechanical plant, (Moscow) within the system of Ministry of Radio Industry of the Ex.USSR.The first product manufactured by the plant in 1977 was a tachometer-speedometer for engine boats.From 1993: was operating within the system of the State Committee for Special Engineering & Conversion of Azerbaijan Republic and since 2006 it is functioning within the system of the Ministry of Defence Industry of the Azerbaijan Republic.Today the plant is manufacturing technical & consumer products as well as providing a full range of services.Products of the plants are special products(In compliance with the approved State Programme) and general products.

General products

  • Technical products:
  • custom designed component parts
  • bus stops
  • metal containers
  • dust bins
  • Consumer products:
  • tent sets (tent, table, chairs)
  • heaters (stove)
  • water tanks
  • iron gates
  • safe doors

Production facilities of Terter Electromechnical plant

  • Mechanical assembling:cold forming,turning,milling,grinding,drilling,cutting
  • Welding:electrical welding,gas welding,point welding
  • Rubber production:pressing,vulcanization,
  • Woodworking
  • Galvanic:zinc coating,cadmium plating,anodic coating ,passivation
  • Varnishing/painting.
  • Toolmaking
  • Manufacture of tooling, jigs, stamps and etc