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Baku, Nasimi district, Azadlig prospect, 74E AZ1000 *** 1 voted

About Sweet Diet

Sweet Diet is the first company in Azerbaijan for the production and distribution of dietary products, founded in September 2012. Our products are ideal for people suffering from diabetes, dieters or simply for those who do not want to gain weight by eating sweets.

The principle of Sweet Diet

To reduce the calories to a minimum! Flour is replaced with oat bran, sugar - sugar substitute and instead of butter we use farmer's cheese(quark) and non fat dry milk. You may say that after all of this pastry can not be tasty, but no. After trying at least once products baked in "Sweet Diet" customers always come back, in order to enjoy once again with the taste of sweets from "Sweet Diet". Our desserts and pastries fully consistent diet of French nutritionist Pierre Ducane, which is considered as the most effective diet today.