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Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park

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About Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park

The Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park was established by the decree number 548 dated December 21, 2011 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. The managing organization of the park is the Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park LLC, which is under subordination of the Ministry of Economy and Industry of Azerbaijan Republic.

Goals for establishment of the SCIP

  • to create favorable conditions in the country for development of industrial production basing on innovative and high technologies ;
  • to support entrepreneurship in this field;
  • to provide sustainable development of non-oil sector;
  • to increase employment of population in production sphere.

Activities of the Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park

In general, the main goal in establishment of the SCIP is acceleration of economic development of Azerbaijan, increasing competitiveness in comparison with other countries that are leading in terms of development of innovative industry. Territory of the Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park, which has huge infrastructure, is 295,62 hectares. According to master plan of the SCIP industrial zone of the park will be 192 ha. These will include territories planned for production of agricultural, medical, consumer, construction industry, electronics and automotive chemicals, polymers and industrial equipments.

Great opportunities will be set up in the social zone, which was designed in modern style and covers 21 ha, for residents of the park. Here, a 16-floor and a 20-floor administrative buildings, exhibition-conference complexes, vocational school, laboratory, workshops, kids care center, open-air and covered sports complexes, health center, dormitory complex, also other objects to serve residents and workers will operate.

Goals of the SCIP – the first chemical industrial park of the South Caucasus

  • To turn into chemical-industrial center in the Caucasus and the Middle East regions;
  • To increase competitiveness of local production;
  • To enhance innovative and high technological production in the country, through which to enhance entrepreneurship;
  • To stimulate development of the non-oil sector;
  • To turn into main center for innovative and high technological production in the chemical industry;
  • To turn into main supplier of chemical industry products in the region;
  • To establish a base for development of science and technology in the chemical industry;
  • To form a layer of professional cadres in chemical industry of Azerbaijan.