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About STIM International

STIM International was established as a training and recruitment company in 2010. We are a young, client-focused and success-oriented company with a growing experience. The company staff is dedicated and encouraged to be professionals in training and recruitment industry. We operate an open pricing policy with our clients and work together to deliver customer-focused solutions. By adopting a true partnership approach with our clients, our relationships are driven by mutual respect.

Training and Deveopment Process

Training is one of the most profitable investments an organization can make. No matter what business or industry you are in, the steps for an effective training process are the same and may be adapted anywhere.Training is about the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and abilities through professional development.STIM International fully understands that the training and development activities are now equally important with that of other HR functions. Training is now the important tool of Human Resource Management to control the attrition rate because it helps in motivating employees, achieving their professional and personal goals, increasing the level of job satisfaction, etc.

Recruitment Process

A key element to remember is that Time is Money… and we are committed to saving our clients valuable time.STIM International uses two search systems when searching for suitable candidates – manually and electronically. The both systems sort a candidate by many various factors, amongst the most important are educational background, expertise, training and experience. Over 930 applicants are currently on our database, these being the people currently worked on and put forward to positions.

In addition to doing reference checks on short-listed candidates, STIM International can also do checks on previous convictions (criminal records), Medical Fitness check-ups. These additional services are charged for in all instances.STIM International provides a success-only-fee service. Fees are payable by the client/employer and arise immediately when an applicant commences employment in any capacity with the Employer.
We staff the right people at the right place in the right time!