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About Start Interactive Agency

Start Interactive Agency is the first interactive agency in Baku, founded in 2008. Until 2010, we were simply called "the Studio" and were engaged in creating professional user-friendly websites for our customers, as well as developing design and software for such companies, as Rabitabank, MAN, Aztelekom, Texnikabank, Nar Mobile, Allo, and many others. In 2010 we noticed that our profile had broadened way beyond web design and software development and we decided to reflect this change in our brand. As a result, we are now called the Start Interactive Agency since October 2010 and specialize in all sorts of interactive communication. Certain professional qualities have become associated with our agency over the years, namely:

  • responsibility
  • creative solutions
  • individual approach to every customer
  • team spirit

We seek to clearly define the client's tasks and needs and achieve the best possible solution.

Start Interactive Agency services

Below we represent 5 main areas of our activities. But please remember that the world of interactive technologies is very diverse and we would be happy to listen to you own suggestions and ideas that our team will then try to implement!

  • Web sites and online projects

When creating websites, we strive to unite functionality and usability with sophisticated design, in order to enhance the project by means of the creative input. We try to correctly choose the technology for this particular project and completely enable our team's potential.
We do not make "business-card" websites. We create projects with real advantages.

  • Touch solutions

These solutions are based on the touch-sensitive surface or screen. Interactive merchandise catalogs, games, and service applications form just a little part of all touch-sensitive possibilities.
Interactive games are the ultimate way to interact with the consumer. It has been established, that the brand introduced in a game environment has 30% more chances to be remembered as opposed to the traditional media.
If you offer your clients a wide assortment of goods, there is no better way to present it, than an interactive catalogue, where description, video, images and availability can be displayed. The interactive catalogue may then be placed in the shop-window, near a table, a bar, or a wall. Our specialists will always help you to come up with new solutions and to achieve the level of interaction that you find necessary.

  • Mobile applications

The demand for mobile applications has grown enormously in the last several years. Many top notch brands use mobile applications as one of the most effective ways to communicate with the consumer. Mobile devices play a special role due their immediate proximity to the owner. For more than a 2 years, we have been developing effective applications for iPhone and iPad that are in great demand. Our knowledge and experience allow us to create the applications that are useful for both our clients and, most importantly, their customers.

  • Projection solutions

Almost every surface may be used as the projection display, namely: a wall, a floor, a building, a ceiling, and so forth. The images may come to life, move around and carry out various actions.

Start Interactive Agency offers:

  • any virtual objects, such as water, fire, blossoming flowers, fluttering butterflies on nearly every possible surface
  • 3D projections. This technology allows us to create the optical illusions of moving such objects as walls and even entire buildings
  • Interactive projections that interact with people. From virtual football to virtual space flights – everything is controlled by the natural movements and gestures.
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)