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SOCAR-AQŞ LLC was established on 19 December 2007.Main scope of activities of the Company is rendering of product, work and services related with drilling of oil and gas wells, including drilling of directional wells, cementing, pressure testing, completion, well workover and subsurface repair, sidetracking, well geophysical researches and perforation works, by using modern equipment and technology for oil and gas industry in the way prescribed by the legislation of Azerbaijan Republic.The following below values unite us as a company and inspire us to make further progress:

  • Safety-To ensure that operations are conducted in safely manner and any potentially hazardous situations are prevented, to secure that no industrial injuries are caused to the personnel during their work, to minimize any negative impact on the environment during conduction of our operations, to take measures on the prevention of potential incidents and accidents – all these are areas of our activities included into this value.
  • Quality-Quality for us means achieving, on the highest possible level, of the possibility to implement every piece of operation, which is an integral part of the services rendered by us. This value itself ensures continuity of the work implemented, its reliability and competitiveness.
  • Integrity-By saying “integrity” we understand conformity between what we say and what we do, and also adherence to the highest standards of the code of conduct. Establishment with our customers of bilateral, mutually beneficial and reliable business relationships by fulfilling at the highest level of their requirements and expectations in relation to quality, technical and economical performance, reliability and safety of work – all this is the essence of this value.
  • Novelty-By saying “novelty” we understand implementation in each our work of new technologies, new approach, new modes and methods.
  • Frugality-When saying “frugality” we understand prevention from squandering the money during the process of our activities, proper allocation of resources based on the priority principle and increase of economic profit.

Our main objective is to render non-accident, non-failure and profitable services and, as a result of this, to become a competitive company.m In striving to meet this purpose, we have implemented an Integrated Management System (IMS) which includes policies and procedures that meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System and ISO 18001:2007 Occupational Health & Safety Management System. The company’s activity has been certified by Sosyete Jeneral De Sörveyans (Societe Generale De Surveillance) on December 2009 against the İSO 9001, İSO 14001 и OHSAS 18001 standards.

Services of SOCAR-AQS

  • Well design and planning;
  • Drilling of oil and gas wells;
  • Drilling of directionally deviated wells;
  • Drilling of horizontal wells;
  • Well completion;
  • Well workover;
  • Sidetracking;
  • Drilling of multilateral wells;
  • Casing running.