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"Welcome to ATPI, one of the most exciting and dynamic brands in the travel industry. An independent global company, with over 100 offices worldwide. Our range of complementary in-house services is rare. And our thorough understanding of travel management is matched by our expertise in planning and producing major events. Today's travellers have complex demands – both for speed and efficiency and for cost-effective solutions. That's why we work in partnership with our clients to fully understand their existing programme and future objectives. Our 1,500+ talented, motivated and highly-trained employees worldwide provide a proactive service that brings security, compliance and cost savings to every business we deal with. Our clients' experience is our first priority. So we bring innovative solutions to even the trickiest of challenges with our own industry-leading technology. Above all, we expect to adapt to our clients' ways of working. Not the other way around. Why not find out how we can help your business?"