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Shah Sarayi Restaurant

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About Shah Sarayi Restaurant

The house of celebrations «Shakh Saray» (the Palace of Shakh) is one of pearls of modern architecture of a city of Ganja and vicinities (Ganjabasar). It has been constructed as a result of the incorporated project of administration of a palace and several architects. In the project the «Shakh Saray» has been used styles and methods of national architecture; which used for the celebrations as much as possible; to convenience and comfort to clients has to itself no analogues. Uniqueness of the project of a building consists in the adaptation of Ancient East architectural school to modern restaurant business. At attentive survey of a building of the Palace you can become witnesses of wide use of grandiose patterns of the ancient East. These patterns are used and in a building logo, and even in stock. At designing and construction of a building administration of a palace and architects were engaged in gathering of the information on palaces of Ganja shahs-Ziyadogullari, and with that some times addressed to archives of the Tbilisi museum. All these materials have been adapted for modern restaurant business and widely applied in designing and building of «Shakh Saray» palace. Being one of advanced and modern from the point of view of architecture, «Shakh Saray» has brought also the innovative contribution to mass celebrations, to modern restaurant business to region. It is especially expressed in the personal service, specific kitchen, and comfort for clients, etc. Therefore from 2004 year «Shakh Saray» is the leader in region. At carrying out the weddings and betrothals, desires of young are completely considered, therefore among region youth «Shakh Saray» became the most favorite House of celebrations. At carrying out interrogation among youth in Ganja «Where you wished to spend the wedding? », 65 % interrogated have answered, that wished to spend in «Shakh Saray». For us this highest achievement! Certainly, we do not think to stop on the reached. We stably develop marketing, we constantly study varying inquiries of our clients, and we establish partner relations with leading restaurants and the entertaining centers of region and the world. Every year we carry out seminars for our personnel with attraction of foreign skilled experts. It promotes increase of vocational training of our personnel. Constantly, we in a voluntary order, direct to sanitary laboratory for check after preparation the samples of cold snack and hot dishes. We consider, that this main thing for health of our clients. We really are proud, that could create for you a place, a palace, really worthy shahs and we try to embrace its with attention and care, worthy for the shah.