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Research Production Enterprise Sanayejihaz

Baku, Narimanov district, Ziya Bunyatov prospect, 15 AZ1141 *** 1 voted

About Research Production Enterprise Sanayejihaz

Research Production Enterprise (RPE) Senayejihaz was established in 1956 on the base of the Special Design Office “Neftechimpribor” (“Instrument Engineering”) with a pilot production.In 1985 on its base was set up a Research Production Association (RPA) «PROMPRIBOR».Since September 2006 the enterprise is operating within the system of the Ministry of Defenсe Industry of the Azerbaijan Republic as RPE Senayejihaz. RPE Senayejihaz is engaged in development, implementation and manufacture of flow meters, meters, dosimeters, batchers and alarms in a wide range of flow-rates and pressures for different liquids and gases, as well as aggressive ones for application in petroleum industry, civil & military shipbuilding, aircraft and missile engineering, municipal economy, nuclear & thermal power plants.The enterprise is also involved in manufacture of civilian products, repair & servicing of gas & water meters.

Products of the RPE Sanayejihaz

Products of the Research Production Enterprise Sanayejihaz are special products and civil products.Special products are proportioners, flow meters and flow transducers , URAN -1 , Liquid meters,alarms.


  • Units for batching of liquid petroleum products and aggressive media by volume & weight Omega-2, Omega 3
  • Proportioner of sea water, diesel fuel, oil, amyl) “Uran-3”
  • Liquid carbon dioxide proportioner “UDU-15-150”
  • Water Crystallization Inhibitor Injection Unit UVP-40, UVP-100

Flow meters and flow transducers

  • Turbine flow meter for oil & oil products “TURBODIF”
  • Flow-meter of aviation fuel with a meter “LJD-150 -64”
  • Ultrasonic flow transducer (sea water, diesel fuel, oil & amyl)


  • Flow meter with a meter (petroleum, amyl, water) “Neptun”
  • Liquid bitumen volumetric & flow-rate measuring unit “UIJB -50”
  • Flow meter of water distillate “SVIREL”

Liquid Meters

  • Ring-type non-aggressive liquid meter “KtsJU”
  • Screw liquid meter for petroleum products “VJU”
  • Ultrasonic aggressive liquid meter with signaling of effected batch “SVHD”


  • Fan operation alarm “Signal V ” / V1”
  • Different media flow-rate alarms “Signal P”, “Signal М1”
  • Pump operation alarm “Signal N”

Civil production

  • hospital beds
  • gardening water sprinklers
  • electric Grills
  • 2 inch pipe clutches
  • step-ladders.
  • screw presses.
  • repellents
  • internal wiring boxes.