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Reliable Future Youth association

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About Reliable Future Youth association

Reliable Future is non-for-profit, charitable, politically non-aligned non-governmental organization founded by young people of different universities of Azerbaijan Republic in 1998 and officially registered by the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan Republic in 1999 as NGO.Reliable Future's activities involve more than 30 experts and 200 members and volunteers. Most of the current programs of Reliable Future are implemented in regions of country with focus in regions with needs to advance the democracy and human rights, in refugee and IDP settlements and minorities living areas. Through the establishment of four associative groups in Sumgayit, Gynadja, Mingechavir and Guba regions Reliable Future achieves to serve the interests of people in these regions and involve them into different program and activities.Reliable Future brings strong management and innovative strategies to programs in order to achieve its mission by implementing different projects. Our strength is based on the enthusiasm, quality, expertise, skills and knowledge of our members.

Our main targets

  • Freedom, human and children's rights, good governance
  • Security, justice, regional cooperation
  • Access to clean and safe water
  • Rural development and food security
  • Health infrastructure and equipment
  • Education systems and access to school
  • Women and Youth involvement and participation
  • Geographic coverage

Reliable Future achieved to broaden the area of its activities and now covers the entire country. This helped Reliable Future to involve more people in its programs and assist many. Reliable Future also began to realize the bilateral and multilateral international programs with the involvement of people from NIS, European and other world countries in order to create the platform for effective sharing of experience, knowledge, skills and information between them, as well as for further development of partnership and joint programs and projects.