Executive power of Salyan district on map

Executive power of Salyan district

Tebriz Khalilbeyli, Salyan, 136 AZ5200 *** 0 voted

About Executive power of Salyan district

Salyan is a raion of Azerbaijan. Its capital is Salyan. It lays adjacent to the Kura River. To the north are several productive oilfields (Kursenge, beside the prominent mud volcano of the same name, and Karabaghli, a few km NW) operated (in 2001) by the Salyan Oil company. It also comprises most of the Shirvan National Park.The city has been a continuous settlement of sal tribe, after whom the city named and occupied by Kura river.Salyan was part of Quba Khanate during 1680 to 1782 and ruled by various khans.Throughout its history, Salyan has suffered from floods because of its proximity to the river and the relatively low elevation of most of the town.[