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About Saloglu Furniture

We stated to produce in 2000. We covered a long way in a short time with renewing our designs which is parallel to the developing and varying world trend. Now, we are one of the biggest modern armchair manufakturer and we are aiming to become a worldwide brand.We process the best materials with the latest technology in our facilities set upon a 20000 m2, with approximately many young and dynamic labour force. Today, we have 2 concept showrooms and many elite selling points in Azerbaijan and export our products to different countries.Our priority principle is customer satisfaction. We have high service quality in the all process from ensurig raw materials to distributing to the latest buyer.

Saloglu Furniture

We prefer designing products whose funcitions whose functionsmake customers life easier and more comfortable and add value to their living areas. We display together hidden functional usage with modern appearance on our products. They are designed and producted with our patented mechanisms. Also we share these mechanisms with large. This is arule that there is always an organized crew which has a strong team spirit behind the every qualifed production. We assume our employers and suppliers as our trading partner.As SALOGLU family, we continue to be a solution partner to our customers in order to establish more modern living areas without compromising quality.