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Republican Seismic Survey Center

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About Republican Seismic Survey Center

The history of the Republican Center of Seismology of National academy of Sciences has various stages. In 1902 after a strong earthquake which occurred in Shamakhi, first supervision began with the initiative of Nobel brothers to establish 3 seismic stations. Seismological Service independent of the former Soviet Union for a long time refused to grant permission the decision of the Council of Ministers of Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic in 1979 year according to the decree of the National Academy of Sciences ”Geophysics” Party of the Geophysical Research.

01.09. 1998. year Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic 179 dated; 17.12.1998. year Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan 22/2 since dated in 1999 year was given the statics of the Republican Center of the Seismic Service.Seismological Service Center of the Academy began explorations in seismological, geophysical, geochemical studies. National Academy of Sciences the Republican Center of Seismic Service`s telemetry seismic stations are working with “Kinemetrics” type of satellite.

Activity of Republican Center of Seismic Center

As a result of the work of Republican Center of Seismic Center`s work is not made only for manufacturing but also is used in research studies.
In 2008 year IRIS (Institute of Seismological Research); ORFEUS (European Seismological Observation and Research Center) was elected as a full member. Academy of Sciences in 2012 year and was elected an associate member of the Republican Center of the Seismic Service of European Seismological commission.Under the direction of scientific research of Republican Seismic Survey Center of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences is included:

  • The study of earthquakes kinematic and dynamic parameteres of seismicity on the territory of the Republic.
  • The complex research of geophysical and geochemical siesmo abnormal effects evidence in the structures and properties.
  • Geodynamic investigations (GPS);

In the center of Seismic surveys consisting of 35 telemetry seismic stations, based on the observation networks, explored the republic's territory seismic regime, the distribution of earthquake epicenters legitimacy, fire zones seismic processes dynamics, identified the active parts of the deep breaks and estimated these areas powerful earthquake’s maximum intensity. Studied the mechanism of earthquake epicenters, estimating big cities seismic risk, exploration of large building projects areas seismicity.

Studied gravity and gravitational potential variations of the second derivative through a network of geophysical and geochemical stations of geomagnetic field.Analysing of the Republic seismically active regions hydro-geochemical field, and hydro-gas-and radio-chemical components. The seismogenic zone of deformation – estimation of tension situation and seismogenic areas assess of Ml>4.0 earthquake which enables anomalous effects.