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Republican Psychiatric Hospital No. 1

Baku, Mashtagha settlement, Sabunchu district, Akhund Sheikh Hussein street, 69/71 АZ1039 *** 1 voted

About Republican Psychiatric Hospital No. 1

Azerbaijan Republic, Ministry of Health, Republican Psychiatric Hospital number 1 has been operating since 1936. During operation for 77 years this hospital has been renewed and renovated for several times. Although it has begun to operate including 3 departments with 100 beds, at present time it is operating with 30 departments including 1890 beds. 6 women, 12 men, 4 T.B, pediatric, fellowship, infectious, gerontology, consultation, day-treatment departments render top level services for patients here. At the same time there are more than 300 patients who have lost social relationships in our hospital.

In addition to the treatment, increasing professionalism level of our doctors is in the foreground. So, our doctors have taken a course and participated in conferences and symposia in Russia, Turkey and in many European countries for several times. In addition, professors and physician staff of many leading clinics in the world were invited to our hospital and scientific-practical conferences were organized. Our hospital was overhauled and was supplied with equipments that meets modern standards in the last 2008-2013 years.

Services of Republican Psychiatric Hospital number 1

Treatments conducted in Republican Psychiatric Hospital number 1 begin with an accurate diagnosis based on psychiatric patients based on the principles of modern treatment, new diagnostic tools (EEG, US, ECG, digital X-ray examination, laboratory and etc.) using clinical surveys and other methods and accurately diagnosing. At the same time in addition to psychotropic treatment of patients and treatment of their other somatic diseases are in the foreground. For this difficulties that may arise in other diagnostic issues have been eliminated and the hospital was equipped with equipments meeting new modern standards.

Basic private (qualified) treatment is carried out in stationary conditions in stages, after the patient's condition is stabilized day treatment is continued in rehabilitation department. After complex treatment in hospital patients are sent for treatment in psychiatric cabinets, dispensary departments on their residence area. Anamnestic data of patient, detailed information about mental condition and treatments are reflected in extracts from the disease date are sent to area physicians, psychiatrists and it is very important for the consecutive persistent observation and treatment.

Treatment methods in Republican Psychiatric Hospital

  • Medicamentous- treatment with psychotropic medication: latest generation antipsychotropics, modern antidepressants and other mood stabilizers, tranquilizers, neuroprotectors and nootropics are used for drug treatment in our hospital.
  • Psychotherapeutic methods: if the patient's mental condition is stabilized after drug therapy patients are involved in psychotherapy: (group and individual psychotherapy, cognitive psychotherapy, types of sport).
  • Rehabilitation works: After the break for many years patients are engaged in many types of rehabilitation (theater and music therapy, painting, sculpture, the art of marbling, handicrafts, etc.) in Psychosocial Rehabilitation Center which re-established in our hospital in 2012. Except that separate rooms have been organized in our all departments. Patients are engaged in rehabilitation works in these rooms within the department.
  • Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT): Electro Convulsive Therapy cabinet was founded in Republican Psychiatric Hospital number 1 for the first time in the history of Azerbaijan Psychiatry history. Operation of the center is planned to be started from the first months of 2014. ECT cabinet was supplied with latest equipments.
  • Labor therapy: Traditional Labor Therapy is used in the hospital from the middles of the last century. By this method our patients having ability to work are involved to Labor Therapy. The role of Labor Therapy in improvement of mental condition of the patients, their integration in the society is undeniable.