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Reha-Med Germany&Azerbaijan Rehabilitation Center

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About Reha-Med Germany&Azerbaijan Rehabilitation Center

"Reha-Med Germany & Azerbaijan” rehabilitation center provides you various therapy in the filed of prophylaxis, rehabilitation and medical trainings. The conception prepared by our clinic and continuous supervision of international leadership (United International Association of Physiotherapists) guarantees the high quality of our service.  Our therapists together with medical doctor choose individually the modern type of treatment, the therapy organized for you. Our aim is to provide by modern type of rehabilitation to increase the health and improve life quality of patients.

Reha-Med Germany & Azerbaijan Rehabilitation Center - Services

Rehabilitation Center Reha-Med Germany & Azerbaijan offers you versatile therapy in prevention, rehabilitation and health training. Developed by our clinic concept and continuous monitoring of compliance with international guidelines, such as the leadership of the international association of physiotherapists are the guarantee of high quality of our services.

Physiotherapy in Reha-Med Germany&Azerbaijan Rehabilitation Center

Physical therapy is an essential field of modern medicine. Its primary goal is to maintain and recover mobility and functional activity. Functional disorders may be eliminated and rehabilitation process may be positively affected after injuries or surgical interventions with the help of physical therapy. In Reha-Med Germany&Azerbaijan Rehabilitation Center we apply the most up-to-date scientific accomplishments and techniques available in relevant field, which serve as the basis for individually-selected therapy.

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Manual Medicine
  • Physical therapy with training equipment

Medical fitness in Reha-Med Germany&Azerbaijan Rehabilitation Center

Prevention is one of the services offered in Reha-Med Germany&Azerbaijan Rehabilitation Center. For healthy individuals who desire to maintain their health and mobility for extended time, Reha-Med Germany&Azerbaijan offers medical fitness exercises. We offer our clients the most up-to-date trainings, such as circle trainings and functional trainings; in addition, our TechnoGym and Milon gyms are also at your disposal.

  • MILON - Circle trainings
  • Cardio-strength-training circle
  • Strenght-training circle
  • TRX functional training
  • Pavigym

Ergotherapy in Reha-Med Germany&Azerbaijan Rehabilitation Center

Ergotherapy - is a field of rehabilitation medicine which undertakes recovery of lost or undeveloped motor function of upper extremities. Ergotherapy is appropriate for individuals of all ages with motor/functional, perceptive, neuro-psychologic, and/or psycho-social disorders, ranging from newborns with labor trauma sequelae and younger children with Pediatric Cerebral Palsy to elderly with history of stroke. During treatment, errotherapeutists of Reha-Med Germany&Azerbaijan work in close collaboration with other healthcare, social therapy, and pedagogics specialists, such as phychologists, pedagogues, specialists of therapeutic gymnastics, and educators.

Back Pain Center in Reha-Med Germany&Azerbaijan Rehabilitation Center

Currently, back pain is one of the leading complaints throughout the world. Back Pain Center concept has been familiar to experts in Germany as the most effective and cost-efficient tool for management of back pain of various origin through many years. During twenty years, evaluation and treatment methods applied in Back Pain Center concept have been successfully implemented, scientifically proven effective, and been advanced based on results of the studies with the participation of over 250000 volunteers.

Halotherapy in Reha-Med Germany&Azerbaijan Rehabilitation Center

Halotherapy is a non-pharmacologic treatment, based on establishment of artificial microclimate, features of which are maximally close to salt caves. A specific microclimate for halotherapy session requires the followings: constant temperature with no fluctuations in atmospheric pressure, low humidity, and complete purification of air from bacteria. Such climate becomes hypoallergenic due to presence of salt aerosols in air. Treating effect of Himalayan and Alpine salts in broncho-pulmonary and other disorders has been well-known since many years. Primary effect of such treatment consists of purification of the organs of respiratory system. It promotes enrichment of cells with useful ions, thereby restoring pulmonary function and airways are cleared from dust and harmful bacteria.