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Baku, Nasimi district, Suleyman Rahimov street, 309/53 АZ1014 *** 1 voted

About PWT Wasser Und Abwassertechnik Gmbh

"PWT WASSER UND ABWASSERTECHNIK GMBH" – is a company operating in Azerbaijan, which is always ready to help on solution of your problems. Based on the daily needs, we can confidently assert that water is the most determinable component of the vital existence. There are a lot of useful features in drinking water. Today it is impossible to imagine a single day without this irreplaceable natural wealth. Incessant supply of drinking water and the availability of its use in industry requires the application of innovative technologies allowing handling all types of water, as well as their integrated use. The company "PWT" is from a group PREUSSAG and belongs to Amiantit Saudi Arabia (SAAC) since 2004. The experience gained for decades with international and national projects has allowed the company to become one of the leading general contractors in the field of design, construction and commissioning of plants involved in the processing of waste, technological and drinking water. Our company has earned this knowledge as a result of the implementation of complex projects. For us, a pride – is a solution of any problems in the water industry. A multidisciplinary team of professionals and experts has extensive experience that allows you to capture all aspects of design and construction. The company's customers do not need to solve problems for the coordination of milestones, it is our primary task, which we produce with a great enthusiasm. Water is a specialization of our company.