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Baku, Narimanov district, Heydar Aliyev prospect, 66 AZ1000 *** 0 voted

About Piroservis

Piroservis Company rent “turnkey” sound, light, scene, video equipment. In our technical support there are organized sport games, great concerts, presentations, exhibitions and theater performances. We use simple, open and clear diagrams in work. From 1997 up to date many companies was closed, but we developed from little company that engaged in only decoration with balloons, improved as a great company of European level in the sphere of technical maintenance of activities and fireworks show. We reached such professional level that our reputation says everything about us! Pyrotechnic Services Our company provides pyrotechnic services (salutes and fireworks), inscription, and burning figures. Fireworks are important attributes of any banner day, such as wedding, birth day, anniversary, corporate party. Our specialists can offer you following services: Burning inscriptions Burning pictures Ground fireworks Park fireworks (height to 60 meters) Fireworks of high-altitude level (height to 300 meters) Salutes Daytime fireworks Fireworks in accommodation. Decoration with balloons Our activity is included: decoration with air balloons of interior and open spaces decoration of holidays, formation of halls and other premises formation of weddings, anniversaries, corporative holidays, presentations and other festive events print logos on balloons of logotypes, emblems and other elements fireworks of high-altitude level (height to 300 meters) other variants of festive decoration Garlands, complex compositions and figures from air balloons, flowers (live, artificial, dried flowers), stage-properties and decoration from papier-mache, plastic, tissue - this is not an entire list of our services…