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Palmalife Lankaran Resort

Sutermurdov village, Lankaran AZ4244 *** 1 voted

About Palmalife Lankaran Resort

The dizzying beauty of the mountains mixes with the secrets of the thick forest. The travellers who reach there find themselves in a picturesque place where the tropical fruit ripens under the sun, the pink flamingos live in the preserves and the women ululate the old songs.No, this is not a reverie by any means – it is all real. Come to the Palmalife Lenkaran Resort in Lenkaran and get to know the delight of the ideal recreation that the combination of the splendid nature and the first-class services will bring to you.The conditions and the entertainment that our hotel offers are perfectly fit to satisfy the most sophisticated taste. Enjoy the magnificent cuisine, the unique folklore, the modern infrastructure, the sports, the tranquillity and the many other lovely things. In a word, the place gives you everything you need to feel like you have trodden into a fairy-tale.