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Pablosky Metro Park

Baku, Narimanov district, Tabriz street, 106A AZ1000 *** 2 voted

About Pablosky Metro Park

Pablosky is a world famous Spanish kids footwear brand. Pablosky is a company specializing for more than 30 years in the manufacturing of children’s footwear. Currently, this company is situated as one of the largest footwear producers of Spain, which is manufacturing its shoes in Spain in its facilities in Fuensalida (Toledo). Children’s footwear must adapt to the physical and motor development of the child, permitting him to carry out all the activities typical of his age with complete comfort, without putting in danger the child’s health. Therefore each element, each material, each advance is incorporated in Pablosky footwear to guarantee its quality.

Services of the company Pablosky

The firm reinvents itself with every collection in multiple styles, forms and colours, always with quality as its common denominator. Nevertheless, its main advantage and where it has no competitor, is to ensure the correct growth of feet without renouncing fashion. Pablosky's main intention, to avoid future deformaties and problems, is to care for children's feet, as its slogan says, they are experts in growing feet. This is why shoes are made with the greatest care and with the best quality materials designed according to advice from the best paediatric and biomechanical specialists in order to ensure natural growth of feet. Furthermore, given that children subject their shoes to special wear and tear, the brand’s products are also put to various tests which will ensure their durability.