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Baku, Narimanov district, Ataturk prospect, 1 AZ1000 *** 3 voted

About Ozsut restaurant

Whereas Özsüt entered the food sector by producing traditional Turkish desserts such as caramelized-top rice pudding, the milk pudding, the bread qatayef, the cheese dessert, and Noah's Pudding; by the passing time and in accordance with the demands made by the customers, the company has transferred into the "Caffée Concept" leaving the traditional dessert selling shop concept behind.Özsüt expands more and more each day by adopting the latest and the most developed technologies and is recently giving significant weight to ice cream production and baking cakes as well as continuing the production of the traditional Turkish tastes.

History of Özsüt

The Year is 1938… The inhabitants of İzmir are introduced to the unique tastes of the yoghurt and cream made by Chef Sefer in a tiny dairy shop in Kemeraltı. Özsüt has been one of the most prominent "Trade Marks" of İzmir since that time on.The adventure initiated by Chef Sefer has gone through a natural transition from making of dairy products to muhallebi (Turkish Milk Pudding) production. In 1980, as leaded by İbrahim Urlulu, son of Chef Sefer, the company delved its pathway into a much more assertive track. İbrahim Urlulu, having taken Özsüt chefs as partners to the company, have courageously endeavored to improve and extend the adventure that was initiated in the tiny Özsüt dairy shop. The first store in Alsancak began serving in 1991; and by having expanded the number of its dessert shops to 6 in 1996, Özsüt have increased the number of the dessert shops franchised by the company to over 50 in 2002. As of 2011, along with 176 stores serving all over Turkey, Özsüt has become one of the greatest franchise food chains in Turkey.

The reason behind the great zeal of the customers toward Özsüt-made tastes certainly lies in the success of the brand in providing the traditional tastes with a modern presentation and in very fresh conditions to the customers all over Turkey. The secrets beneath the traditional tastes Özsüt produces and serves lie in the recipes inherited from the Ottoman Royal Cuisine. Following the dissolution of the Ottoman Palace after the foundation of the Turkish Republic, a Royal dessert chef who used to serve in the Ottoman Royal Kitchens began working with the uncle of Chef Sefer, Özsüt's founder. Chef Sefer learned the secrets pertaining to the tastes of the Royal desserts' from his uncle in time.