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About Osc.az

“Online Shopping Center” was created by Azimov Brothers in January, 2011. “Online Shopping Center” is the online shopping company realizing the sales of all kinds of product. Being the first online shopping company in Azerbaijan, the Company together with its sincere and kind staff provides its customers with the sale of products of high quality as well. Likewise, the Company is being developed as the most successful online shopping web in online-space of Azerbaijan. For the first, the company began its activity with the sale of computer technologies. But since May, 2012, the company made its customers happy by applying the sale of other goods. Our Goal! To be the first choice Online Shopping Company for the people living in Azerbaijan.

Missions of Online Shopping Center

Our Mission! “Online Shopping Center” shall be the Company that meets the market demands and aims to increase the quality. Our Advantages! Care – we shall bring to notice to our customers by listening them attentively. Nationalization – We shall be the first choice in Azerbaijan. Progress – We shall always move forward with recent developments. Simplicity – we shall be accessible in use. Benefit – We shall always bring more positive results for our customers than they expect. Our Culture The culture that we try to create is based on mutual respect. Each employee who does not deny their assistance in order to achieve the Company goals stands high in our esteem.

Our Policy Our Company has its policy determining the main principals and the rules applied in different conditions as any other company. All of these serve to eliminate the limits and difficulties which are observed in our business sphere. Our Business Style We always do our best in order to arrange and to improve our business processes, taking into account the dynamic development of our company. In order to develop our business and to predominate over our business rivals, we take advantage of advanced experiences applied in the world.