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About Olive ADS advertising agency

The “OLIVEADS” company has been functioning in outdoor advertising market since 2012. Besides the outdoor advertising production our company presents comprehensive design and installation works as well as outdoor advertising service and coordination.  Advertising and marketing services company focused on delivering measurable business results through a full range of consulting services.


Outdoor advertising services

Outdoor advertising service is the most effective way to create information demand for a new product, to support loyalty to already existing brand and to inform the target audience about the launch of a special campaign and discounts.


Advertising replacement


  • Scrollers
  • Monitors
  • Prism
  • Billboards
  • Megaboards



Advertising design development is one of the most important and most difficult stages in creation of all kinds of advertising production. The perception of any advertising depends on successful design whether it is an inscription on a gift pen, a logo on a plastic package, a stretched banners over street, a banner on the wall of the house or a company logo on the roof of a multistory building.Our company offers services in development of all kinds of advertisement designs:

  • Polygraphic advertising - design of leaflets and booklets, and also advertising modules for mass-media;
  • Design of banners of any forms and any sizes;
  • Design of stretched banners;
  • Design of advertisement for street billboards;
  • Design of simple signboards;
  • Creation of design of light boxes, rooftop advertising structures and other high profile advertising medium.

The advertising service we offer is not only simply beautiful. But also involves buyers, clients or partners – this is what we aspire to and do our best to be successful!If you are looking for the outdoor advertising which will attract your future clients and will be stylish and pleasant, not breaking, but decorating the city panorama, we are ready to help you, call us.

The printing

There is a definition of a large-format printing as a process of full-color printing of non-polygraphic formats and materials.However, this description is not absolutely exact, as one of materials-carriers for the large-format printing is a paper, as one of the most widespread polygraphic materials.A banner fabric of PVC (polyvinylchloride, also called a banner or vinyl) is applied in outdoor advertising. The advertising posters for boards (6х3 m) (so-called billboards) – one of the most popular products in outdoor advertising are often printed on such a fabric. Durability period of such a product is from one to three years.Vinyl fabric is manufactured from polymer vinyl chloride mass by mixture of softeners.

Layering this mass on a grid from polyester gives material a necessary durability.It is necessary to distinguish a banner vinyl fabric intended for the printing, from an awning vinyl fabric. PVC for the large-format printings is covered by a special layer which allows colors to be absorbed better, and also contributes ink fixing.Self-adhesive vinyl tape is one of advertising materials that is used in the large-format printings.There are two basic types of the tapes, which differs from each other by the way of its production. One is calendered, another is casting. The calendered tape is cheaper, however casting is more durable.A special optical fiber tape (translucent) is also produced and widely used in light box advertising.

Outdoor advertising installation and maintenance

Outdoor advertising is an integral part of a modern megalopolis. Our climbers carry out installation of different advertising constructions as light boxes, stretched banners, signboards, logotypes and images on the walls of buildings. The disassembling and construction services are also available.It is not always possible to carry out installation of outdoor advertising construction, banner or signboard using a mobile elevating platform. But is not a mission impossible for us! We can install advertising constructions at any place where it will be not possible to use a mobile elevating platform.

  • Lace banner, banner on bricked or panel walls by fastening; Anker-bolt and eyelets);
  • Banner frames;
  • Lace banner, banner on sidings.

Our advertising agents need to have more detailed information about the banner constructions and its place of installation in order to estimate the exact cost of installation as well as its completion date.The price of banner disassembling is calculated as 30-50 % of cost of primary installation.If necessary, special mobile elevating platforms are used for installation works. Installation of advertising constructions by industrial climbers is often carried out on the walls of apartments and buildings.