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Baku, Narimanov district, Ahmad Rajabli street, 50 АZ1052 *** 0 voted

About Okal Electric

The company “Ocal Electric” – is one of the leader companies in Azerbaijan market, engaging with the sale and installation of electric installation equipment, heating systems, creative lighting systems. Company offers the modern systems of automatics, heating, lightning spheres to its consumers which are differed to their efficiencies. Abroad seminars and courses are systematically organized for the engineers of the company, however a condition is established for application of the modern innovation technology. Beside it, “Ocal Electric” is engaged with the import of the products of the world – famous European manufacturers: - German company “Jung” (www.jung.de) – electric – installation materials. The company offers a full serial of high quality switches with perfect design, facilitated system of the convenient management of lightning, heating system, jalousie, as well as intellectual techniques mark Knx, related to all engineering communication of the building; - Czech company "Thermona" (www.thermona.cz) offers wall boilers mark "Therm". These boilers are technically very successful product that can provide your home with hot water and comfortable heat at an affordable price, with an emphasis on efficiency, respect for the environment and with maximum economy; - Czech company “Moratop” (www.moratop.cz) is a manufacturer of the water heating and heating equipment, which has already provided your home with the comfort and heat for some centuries. Gained centuries experience and use of the modern production technology allows the creation of reliable and qualitative produces; - Czech company "Licon" (www.licon.cz) offers a facade, bench, wall and in flow radiators. Beautiful and modern design, efficiency and easy installation are the main condition for the popularity of the production of company "Licon" in all European countries.