Executive power of Oghuz district on map

Executive power of Oghuz district

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About Executive power of Oghuz district

Oghuz is a rayon (administrative division, equivalent of English county) of Azerbaijan. The population of the region consisted of Azerbaijanis. The capital, also renamed Oğuz, maintains three old castles, a lot of old mosques,some archaeological monuments and two attractive old Caucasus Albanian churches (one now a museum) and two active synagogues.Oguz region is very beautiful in nature: rivers, mountains and valleys, hot fountains and waterfalls and medicinal mineral sulfur springs, sharp rocks are available here.

History of Oghuz

These places were inhabited in the beginning of the neolithic period.There are numerous historical monuments in the region: the Albanian temple in Oguz city, three-storey tower in the Mukhas village of IX century, etc. Govur castle for defensive purposes of VII century in the village of Khachmaz are most important historical monuments.Currently operating some of the oldest schools in Azerbaijan were built in the years 1883-1887 in Padar, Khachmaz, Oghuz villages.In the area, folk art traditions like carpet-weaving, metal and wood carving, jewelry are being continued. Local craftsmen women in the village of Filfilli weave carpet, jumper, consumables and other articles by order.There is a hotel in the center of the region.Oghuz was known as Vartashen until 1991 and was renamed to Oghuz in 1991.