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Baku, Binagadi district, Hasrat Aghamaliev street, Rasulzada settlement, 67 AZ1000 *** 1 voted

About Neopharma

Neopharma company began its operation since April 2, 2010 and became one of the leading companies in the pharmaceutical market in the short term. Proper marketing policy has changed the products of Neopharma company into the choice of physicians and people. We are active participants of symposiums, scientific – practical conferences, round tables held in the field of medicine. We regularly held various projects about “health care” Cooperation and Partnership is one of the main values of our company. We mainly corporate with European companies. Selection of new employees, their training and specialization for the work is carried out at a high level.

Activity of Neopharma company

Personnel potential increase and its further development is considered to be one of the important facts for Neopharma company. Neopharma staff consists of highly educated and skilled young people. Prostective is greater here for each employee of Neopharma who has the highest result. Any person who wants to become a company staff on any vacancy, should pass choice tour of Neopharma company consisting of several stages. Neopharma staff celebrates holidays, birthdays and rest days at a high level. All of our national holidays are celebrated in the company. 3 days rest is organized throughout the country once a year with all the staff of the Company. Neopharma is a young family growing day by day, stepping with confidence and health towards the future.