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Neftchi PFK

Baku, Хatai district, Nobel prospect, 64 AZ1000 *** 1 voted

About Neftchi PFK

Professional Football Club "Neftchi "

Representation of Azerbaijan football with high game results and sport culture in Azerbaijan and abroad as followers of “Neftchi” Football Club which possesses great and honorable history; participation in designing and fulfillment of programs directed to the development and involvement of football in the Republic of Azerbaijan; worthily representation of Azerbaijan Football ( including Mini Football) in Football competitions and friendship matches arranged by (FIFA) Federation of International Football Association and ( UEFA ) United European Football Federation; training of professional footballers that meet to the requirements of national team and to the interests of foreign football teams; establishing kid and youth football schools, preparing reserve footballers for professional and amateur teams; arranging kid and youth professional and amateur football teams; transferring of footballers (including International transfers) among kid, youth and adult football teams; organization of commercial competitions on football; arranging trips for the funs of football to Olympic games on football, European and the World championships and other sport tournaments; arranging meetings with well-known masters of football including foreign footballers with the aim to popularize football; realizing conferences, seminars and symposiums about football problems ( including mini football ).