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Executive power of Naftalan city

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About Executive power of Naftalan city

Naftalan city is located at the distance of 330 km to the west of Baku and in 50 km from Gandja. It is a well known spa resort and the center of medical tourism of Azerbaijan which has unique natural factors that by their medical properties are never met elsewhere in the world! It is on an agricultural plain near the Lesser Caucasus Mountains. The word naftalan also means a petroleum product which can be obtained there.It is the center of a unique petroleum industry, with a grade of oil referred to as "Naftalan".The word Naftalan, can be traced to the Greek word "naphtha" , meaning pertaining to oil, and the Azerbaijani suffix "-alan", which is of the verb "to take" (and literally meaning "oil buyer")

History of Naftalan

Archaeological findings in the region date to the 12th century AD. The qualities of Naftalan oil has been known since early times; Marco Polo noted them.The oil in the area was known to people as far as China and India, and was traded by caravans throughout countries of the Near East. Modern use of the oil has dated to the 1870s under Czarist Russia. By 1912, a German joint-stock company was founded to export and trade the oil, which was used as a treatment in the Russo-Japanese War. Research on the properties of the oil continues to be done at Azerbaijan Medical University and the Scientific Arthritis Center of Azerbaijan.In 2010s,the number of hotels increased in the city after Azerbaijani government's tourism policy.

The area is home to petroleum spas (or "oil spas"), once popular vacation spots of the Soviet Union that are making a return in popularity. Oil from these spas is claimed to be an effective treatment against psoriasis, arthritis and rheumatism. At the height of their Soviet-era popularity, the spas in Naftalan had 75,000 visitors a year. The combination of violent ethnic conflict in nearby Nagorno-Karabakh and the end of Soviet-sponsored free trips brought the industry to its knees in the late-1980s.All but one of the older spas were converted into refugee housing. The remaining spa, the Naftalan Therapeutic Center, had 1,000-beds.

Naftalan today is a modern recreation and rehabilitation center, with natural factors, achievements of resort medicine, European comfort, Azeri hospitality and affordable prices for tickets combining to make this a unique cultural experience.In addition, this city has unique "Museum of crutches". Here you can see hundreds of crutches of various designs and sizes. They were left and signed by those who on arrival at the resort could not walk without them.