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Municipality of Sahil

Baku, Garadagh district, Sahil settlement, Maharram Seyidov street, 9 AZ1083 *** 1 voted

About Municipality of Sahil

Sahil is a village and municipality in the Qaradağ raion of Baku, Azerbaijan. It had a population of 8,100 in 1974 and currently has a population of 23,900.The English word "Municipality" derives from the Latin social contract "municipium", meaning duty holders, referring to the Latin communities that supplied Rome with troops in exchange for their own incorporation into the Roman state (granting Roman citizenship to the inhabitants) while permitting the communities to retain their own local governments (a limited autonomy).

A municipality is usually an urban administrative division having corporate status and usually powers of self-government or jurisdiction. The term municipality is also used to mean the governing, ruling body of a municipality.A municipality is a general-purpose administrative subdivision, as opposed to a special-purpose district. The term is derived from French "municipalité" and Latin "municipalis".A municipality can be any political jurisdiction from a sovereign state, such as the Principality of Monaco, or a small village, such as West Hampton Dunes, New York.