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Municipality of Pirshaghi

Baku, Pirshaghı settlement, Sabunchu district, Agha Alizada street, 14 AZ1135 *** 1 voted

About Municipality of Pirshaghi

Pirshagi is a settlement and municipality 34 km away from the railway station of Baku, Azerbaijan. Located on the northern coast of Absheron, it is in the Sabunchu district of Baku city. It is called Pirshagi (the shah of feasts) because it was initially a settlement where pilgrims gathered. A seaside resort, it is considered one of the most ancient settlements in Absheron. It has a population of 4,826.Pirshagi is famous for its "gold dust" sandy beaches and its grapes and figs. There are many architectural monuments in Pirshagi, including a 19th-century mosque, an old bathhouse, and a pir called "Pirshagi tataz piri".