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Municipality of Bilgah

Baku, Bilgah settlement, Sabunchu district, Aslan Salahzade street, 12 AZ1094 *** 1 voted

About Municipality of Bilgah

Bilgah is a settlement and municipality in Baku, Azerbaijan that has become a part of Sabunchu District since 1937. It has a population of 8,402.Bilgah is one of the oldest settlements of Baku. The name of the area derives from “Pilegah” which means “the place where silk is made”. Apparently, there were cocoon plantations here in antique times.Located to north-east of Baku, on the coastline of the Caspian Sea, Bilgah is bordered with Mashtagha, Nardaran and Kurdhakan settlements. Rich with cultural monuments, Bilgah has been distinguished for such industries as carpet-making, silkworm breeding, weaving. It has also been renowned for its fig, vintage, pomegranate and pistachio as well as vast saffron plantations. It also functioned as a port city. Other features of the area are its healthy climate, clean atmosphere and nature. Once very popular in the former USSR is the Bilgah Cardiological Resort which functions nowadays. It was founded in 1936 and started functioning after WW II.