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Modern Hospital

Baku, Хatai district, Babek prospect, 85 AZ1029 *** 1 voted

About Modern Hospital

Modern Hospital Clinic is multidisciplinary, and we provide for our patients also stationary service. We have 30 beds, 10 of which are in the intensive care department, and 18 - in the general hospital ward. Here it is possible to receive treatment for various diseases. The clinic started work as a maternity ward.All kinds of surgery are spend here, except for cardiovascular. We intend to engage in cardiovascular surgery after the completion of the new building of our clinic. Kidney removal surgery carried out with laparoscopic and endoscopic devices. The first time in Azerbaijan, with the help of Turkish doctors, ear surgery periodically conducted in the Modern Hospital clinic. Urology service - diagnosis, endo-urological operations are conducted in accordance with the protocol adopted by European and American urological associations.We apply these and other modern standards of care in our clinic for a long time.

Activities of Modern Hospital Clinic

We always try to be different from other hospitals for their activities. The clinic applied a protocol that prevents the appointment to the patient medications that are not claimed for treatment of the patient from the respective disease.Also, we invite doctors from abroad for the treatment of patients.Basically, doctors from Turkey are invited to the clinic, besides, we co-operate with the leading clinics of Turkey and Germany.Due to logistics of the clinic, we acquire medical equipment from reputable companies, and generally prefer Japanese, American, German and Italian brands. Today we have very valuable equipment in our clinic. For example, an endoscopic technique for the diagnosis of gastrointestinal diseases is presently available.

We carry a diagnosis by means of video endoscopy without making patient feel discomfort. As the camera is on the tip of the endoscope, this gives the condition for the acquisition of great information. During the examination, a doctor and a patient can look at the screen and the process can be written into memory of the computer. Endoscopy has been used successfully in all spheres of our clinic.In the Modern Hospital, there are discounts for veterans, families of martyrs and refugees.The defenceless children are being helped in the "SOS" children's village. We completely free surveying and treating children of this organisation. In addition, the same free service exists for children of the children's homes located in our area.