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Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Popularity of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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About Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Popularity of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Ministry of Labour and People’s Social Defence of Azerbaijan Republic was created by abolishing the Ministry of Social Welfare of Azerbaijan Republic and State Committee for Labour and Social Problems of Azerbaijan Republic by December 10, 1992 dated decree of the President.But serious social-economic and political tension was prevailing in the country during first years of the state sovereignty. Representation of politically inexperienced people, people not having any abilities and skills in the sphere of state management, casual people in Republic management caused heavy crisis in a short time in political government. Political chaos and intrigues, confrontations substituting each other, led to serious social-economic decay and appearance and increase of anarchy tendencies in the life of the society. This inconstant socio-political condition caused the appearance of separate claims, threatening pressures of separate Black-Hundred armed forces against the government on one hand, and capture of country territories by Armenian armed groups one after another on other hand. Normal activity of any state structure, also the Ministry of Labour and People’s Social Defence was impossible in a very difficult situation like this, in the condition of paralyzed state of state management mechanism. In the period when the danger of loss of state sovereignty and disintegration of the country reached the last point – in June of 1993 Azerbaijan people made their wise choice and called the world-famed political figure, great leader Heydar Aliyev to lead the country, who had made the country leading among soviet republics saving Azerbaijan from lagging, inertness. Azerbaijan began to develop and make progress getting out of the most severe tests in the light of wise political course of great leader Heydar Aliyev who came back to lead the republic as a response to the call of his people in a difficult period. Just the great leader’s continuing attention and care to social field made positive changes in social defence system by causing formation and improvement of social policy of Azerbaijan state. This stipulated the appearance of serious change in activity of the Ministry of Labour and People’s Social Defence, execution of purposeful measures in direction of labour and people’s social defense. As a result of attention and care of the great leader to poor citizens, successful measures in improving housing conditions of invalids’ and martyrs’ families, building medical-social rehabilitation system of invalids in the level meeting modern requirements, provision of invalids with cars, wheelchairs and other means of rehabilitation, increasing pensions and doles, strengthening the employment of the population and in other directions started to be realized. Successful continuation of wise political course of nationwide leader Heydar Aliyev by respectable President Mr. Ilham Aliyev opened new progress phase in the country. As a result of the president’s rationally devised, purposeful policy, Azerbaijan became leader country for its progress dynamics. At the same time, important successes were achieved in the direction of strengthening social protection of the population, increasing state care to poor population group.Today the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Azerbaijan continues its activity as a government structure contributing to high-leveled execution of social policy strengthening year by year, improvement of welfare state of country population and as a government structure gained the trust and confidence of the society for this reason.