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Data Processing Center

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About Data Processing Center

Data Processing Center (DPC) was established by decision # 401 (b.6) of the Council of Ministers dated 07.12.1973 and the order #140 of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies (MCIT) dated 05.07.1974.The DPC operated until 19.04.1999, under Republican Information Computing Center.It was registered on 20 April 1999 in the Baku Regional Department on the state registration of Legal entities of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan under the name of Data Processing Center.DPC has the international quality certificate ISO 9001:2008, and is currently at the stage of receiving international certificate ISO 27001.More than 2500 computers of all structures of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies (MCIT) have been connected to the online network of the enterprise. These computers are mainly used for technological process going in telecommunication exchanges, ATEs, post offices and they have been connected to relevant servers installed in the DPC. The DPC keeps the register of e-services and public information reserves. 

Mission of Data Processing Center

Data Processing Center (DPC) of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies is carrying out maintenance of computers and servers used in industrial processes, development of software as well as operation of corporate and local networks.We, Data Processing Center state the following policy in the quality field with the view of ensuring real and growing demands of customers in developing and operating corporate and local area networks, web sites, software, and maintenance of telecommunications services.The quality policy is based on unconditional execution standards and provisions of international (ISO 9001:2008) and national standards in providing various telecommunication services.Taking into account wishes and financial status of each client in providing various services, we undertake the following obligations:

  • To ensure maximum satisfaction of our clients;
  • To realize clients’ needs and demands in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • To provide continuous improvement of the system, carrying out analysis by the management;
  • Constantly study consumer demand better and in accordance with them ahead of rivals to enter the market with new ideas and solutions;
  • To bring our policies to every level and ensure its understanding;
  • To ensure the continued growth and improvement of knowledge of employees, organize periodic trainings to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our work;
  • To increase and develop production performances in accordance with today’s requirements ;
  • To become a leading enterprise in the use of innovation, information and communication technologies.