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Baku, Nasimi district, Azadlig prospect, 163A AZ1000 *** 1 voted

About Melodi Chocolate

The foundations of Melodi Çikolata, are laid in Samsun by Kemal Taşar in the year 1957. Ender Taşar, who is introduced to the chocolate business in the chocolate and confectionery store of his father in Samsun for the first time, started the production with the name Melodi in Istanbul where he came in the year 1968. Melodi Çikolata, which regularly continued its attempts and investments in line with its success, obtained the position of leading boutique chocolate producer and chocolate supplier of Turkey. The secret of the distinguished taste and quality of Melodi is inside the experience, care and perfection which continued for 3 generations by Taşar Family. All of the products are produced with a great care, and the high-quality raw materials are used in the production process and in spite of the wide production capacity, the classical system which is accepted by the world for forming a high-quality chocolate is being implemented. Melodi Çikolata, which has more than 200 types, pioneers the sector with its products developed with its experience and innovativeness  as well as its classical types such as madlen, special, dragees. Melodi Çikolata, presents to its customer the high-quality and distinguished chocolates which are the source of energy and happiness, shared at the happiest moments and the tastes of which increase while sharing.