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Melek Children Entertainment Center

Baku, Narimanov district, Mirali Gashgai street, 94 AZ1000 *** 6 voted

About Melek Children Entertainment Center

"PZ" limited Company established "Malak" family-children centre for all families and children within "Children year"-that was declared by our president Mr.I.Aliyev in 2009 July 13.Our purpose in establishing "Malak" family-children centre is to organize children's rest and entertainment in a right way. Everything is considered in order children to enjoy their leisure time various sections had been found for children of each age. (As our centre services)Our centre control very seriously all the hygienic rules,no harmful product is used in our kitchen for the sake of children service,as they are our future.Birthday's-that children wait for impatiently during the whole year are celebrated quite different and unforgettable Malak-family children centre.