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Medical College No. 1

Baku, Yasamal district, Basti Bagirova street, 13 AZ1065 *** 3 voted

About Medical College No. 1

The establishment of the Baku Medical School 1 has passed several stages. In 1902 in composition of the puerperal building 1 city Tank was an open school "Obstetrics" (at present puerperal house of the name Azizbekov).1 maternity home was located on this street Fizuli (formerly Basina). By the time the establishment of maternity home had 12 beds. The Exhaust exams passed in city Yuriev and the first issue of the midwifes consisted of 5 persons. The Following exhaust exams passed in city Tank. They in 1904 were recorded in the minutes that are still preserved. Formation was a two-year. The Tuition formed 40 rubles.

The establishment of the Baku Medical School

In 1924 school "Obstetrics" together with puerperal house was included in hospitals of the name Azizbekov. In 1926 school was carried in club of the name Ali Bayramov. An open Azerbaijani group was in 1923. The Club was situated on present street Murtuz Muhtarov (former Poluhina). The School was situated on this address up to 1924. Then, the school was included in Medical polytechnic school, located on street Lermontov 103. Separated from polytechnic school «Pharmacy» and «Feldsherskaya» School. School «Obstetrics» until 1948 was located in the old building.The School "Obstetrics" up to 1948 was situated in old building.

In 1949 school was carried in building 13 on street G. Medzhidov (former 7-th Parallel street) and on present-day day continues to function as Baku Medical school 1.At present total area Baku Medical school 1 forms 3499 kv.m. 2276 kv.m. pertain to scholastic building. The School is situated in three-story building. The Scholastic area calculated on each student, forms 1,7 kv.m. 4 Divisions function In school:

  • Functioning(working) the nurse;
  • Medical work;
  • Obstetric work;
  • The Pharmacy.

Four teachers of the school are a candidate of the sciences, three - a teacher methodist. For increasing quality teaching to scholastic process are attracted teachers of the high schools, experienced physicians. In Baku Medical School 1 students are accepted from all regions of Azerbaijan. The school operated the following academic classrooms and laboratories:

  • Functioning(working) the nurse;
  • The Therapy;
  • Pediatrics;
  • Surgery;
  • The Obstetrics and Gynecology;
  • The Infectious diseases;
  • The Anatomies and physiologies;
  • The Pharmacology;
  • Technologies of the medicinal forms;
  • The Pharmacognosy;
  • The Chemistries;
  • Military medical preparation;
  • Basis of Social Sciences;
  • Azerbaijani and Russian language and literature;
  • The Hygiene and Epidemiology.

Services of Baku Medical School

The different mugs function in composition scientific cabinet. Members of clubs involved in the composition of visual aids and various corners, preparing various reports and essays. In addition to school, there are 15 training rooms, a gym, conference hall, library, methodcabinet etc.The School is equipped by medical equipment and instrument, visual aids and indicator panel. For improvement of the public feeding in school functions the dinning-room. The school has equipped with a computer connected to the Internet room.The room «Heydar Aliyev» conducted lessons «Schools Heydar Aliyev», which emphasizes patriotic students. Practical exercises are conducted in hospitals, clinics, hospitals, clinics and research institutions of the Ministry of Health.