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Master Tibot

Baku, Хatai district, Fazail Bayramov street, 28 AZ1025 *** 1 voted

About Master Tibot

“Master Tibot” shop established in 1998 is the founder of “YAPI MARKET” shopping in Azerbaijan. Up to this day, the company has operated under the name of “YAPI MARKET” and also rendered service to large construction projects. The company has kept its finger on the consumer needs and demand of Azerbaijan market and brought “everything for home” concept to the country. Guided by this concept the company is the market leader in the country providing wide selection, affordable prices and friendly service personnel to its customers. The company assists its consumers to easily meet any demands and improve their living style.

Services of Master Tibot

The cornerstone of Master Tibot’s success is professionally rich diversity and exhibition method ensuring quick access to the necessary product. Master Tibot shop has identified over 65000 quality product types with the support of principal and deep experience. Thus, the shop offers a wide variety of goods for homes, villas and workshops, in addition to professional goods for individuals and entities. The world of Master Tibot offers you car accessories, construction materials, construction chemicals, bath and shower goods, decorative and home items, electrical appliances, paints and glues, wooden and furniture goods, lighting, garden furniture and equipment, various types of wallpaper, carpets and thousands of other commodities.

The goods at Master Tibot

Master Tibot pays special attention to the selection of goods offered for sale, which finds its reflection in the rich brand selection on the shop’s shelves. The company imports goods from Turkey and Europe, and purchases other new production only after close analysis of their consistency with high quality standards and buying capacity of the population.Master Tibot is managed by highly skilled professionals with best Azerbaijan and foreign education. The company’s management consists of sales and marketing, procurement, regional distribution, logistics, human resources and sales offices located abroad. The most important characteristics of the company’s moral values is deep knowledge of the offered products and friendly sales personnel.