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Baku, Sabail district, Neftchilar prospect, 151 AZ1010 *** 1 voted

About Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer - the largest British clothing manufacturer and 43rd in the list of the world's largest retailers. The Company owns more than 885 stores, 600 of them - in the UK, and the remaining 225 - 40 other countries. Marks & Spencer has always been known as a manufacturer of clothing, but since the 2000s, the company developed and other areas, including: food, household goods, furniture, technology, beauty products, financial services, and so on.. In Currently, Marks & Spencer stores are polnotsennyetorgovo malls with supermarkets and grocery stores, cafes, entertainment and so on. d.

Adress of the style-Marks & Spencer

The shopping center Port Baku Mall is located a new store Marks & Spencer area of 1700 square meters. Here, customers can choose products Marks & Spencer from a wide range of stylish women's, men's, children's clothing and underwear, accessories and shoes of exceptional quality. To help shoppers with a wide selection of products, Marks & Spencer uses a number of exclusive, easily accessible clothing brands, each of which stands out for its distinctive style and design features. For example, in the field of women's clothing, brendAutograph is an affordable design with exquisite quality, precise elegance and luxury fabrics. Indigo Collection brand is a true fashion denim, and presents a series of casual wear. Brand Limited Edition includes fashion trends since its inception. In the menswear collection of M & S Collection is crafted view of the main wardrobe of stylish clothes, especially considering the quality of everyday clothes, while, Blue Harbour gets its inspiration from the classic British style and includes school polo shirt.