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Mado Cafe Nariman Narimanov m.

Baku, Narimanov district, Ahmad Rajabli street, 3 AZ1000 *** 1 voted

About Mado Cafe Nariman Narimanov m.

Mado Cafes.. are the first making days when ice cream is eaten with cornet in summers habit of eating in summer and winter with pleasure and sitting ... Following the first concept cafe opened in Istanbul Caddebostan in 1992 became special spaces where ice cream, desserts eaten with ice cream are presented with high quality coffees opened in many cities all over the country in the short time. There are Mado Cafes at more than 20 0 address in the country today. There are 10 Mado cafes in aboard in Dubai, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Hong Kong, South Korea and Bulgaria.

Services of Mado

Mado offering real ice cream to the national and international ice cream lover with the same taste and quality made ice cream as an out of season dessert with the chain cafes that it intends to reach different points of Turkey and world. And it allowed new habits to arise with these cafes. Mado cafes achieved to meet different demands with the richness of presentation with delicious pastries, desserts and sahlep in addition to ice cream. Mado Cafes signaled with 20 branches in the first six months as a result of interest it received that it would become an important franchising brand. Mado meeting with consumers at many points of sales in the country and abroad received the prize for not making concession of standardization and quality with the prize of brand applying the Franchising system in the best way in Turkey in 2002. Mado Cafes Mado Cafes where pleasant moments are shared at the warmness of home are the sincere spaces where traditional tastes are offered with the new forms. It is privilege to eat Mado tastes at Mado cafes.