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Baku, Narimanov district, Azadlig prospect, 132 АZ1000 *** 2 voted

About Lidor Kamin

People use of the fireplaces as a heating source for a lot of centuries. The company as well as the fireplaces was improved during this period. It is true, their appearance has kept its traditional look, but their internal structure has essentially been changed, it is especially noticeable in combustion chamber. The shop “Lidor - Kamin” functions at the Azerbaijan market from 2004. Today “Lidor - Kamin” is an official distributor of the advance companies, engaging on the production of fireplaces - "LAUDEL", "KRATKİ", "TOTEM", "İNVİCTA". In addition to distribution, the company is engaged to the realization of fireplaces of the companies "SCHMİD" и "DİMPLEX". The company offers more than 300 types of fireplaces, 100 models of stoves, barbecue, electric and bio-fireplaces, various accessories to its consumers. The main activity of the company is the sale and installation of fireplaces of the different types – modern, chalet, and country, classic.