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Baku, Binagadi district, Suleyman Sani Akhundov street, 15/1 AZ1000 *** 1 voted

About LiderTexnika

"LiderTexnika" techniques for years, buying and selling, renting service operates in the retail case. Construction and construction sectors are already working with a great team systematize this work, creating a wider range of print and the company has been operating as a more comfortable environment. As always manner of service performance techniques have made it a policy that we set up in a company, we decided to serve a wider range. Today, "LiderTexnika" already within the office, along with team performance and to fully comply with the law at your service procedures. Comfortable working in the field of construction and building maintenance may apply. Thus, "LiderTexnika" second-hand vehicles of any type of buying and selling, but also offers you the possibility of renting contracts, legally. Freight transport, which can be used in the construction process, you can rent any techniques applied to our company. Also, depending on the client's needs, leased equipment operator (driver) is provided with. Read more about us by visiting our Web site can see all the data. We wait for business meetings!