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About Kombi.az

Getting the heating system of combi doesn’t require the personal visit to the shop. Internet – portal “Kombi.az” was created for the purpose of facilitating the purchase process of combi for consumers, focusing all popular systems of combi in Azerbaijan in one web – site. Beside the mutually beneficial politics, the preference of the site is also that, it helps people to make necessary purchasing not visiting to the shop who doesn’t wish to waste his her valuable time.

Service of Internet – portal Kombi.az

Site offers its services for whole day, allowing all volunteers the selection of heating system. If you make a request on a model interested you, the operators of the company will surely contact with you. If it is difficult to make the final selection, our qualified staff shall obligatory give you recommendations that meet your requirements. Should any need arise, our specialists will come to the place of accident and will make the necessary measurements, make an estimate of the expenditure and will advise a particular pattern of combi. An advance payment isn’t required for the products acquired on "Kombi.az". The company is very careful on selecting the installers and craftsmen of the heating equipment. The range of products offered on the website is as follows:

  • combi system,
  • heating system,
  • heating panels,
  • radiators,
  • dryers for installation in bathrooms,
  • pipes,
  • radiator controls.

In addition to the above mentioned products, company offers services on creating of projects, installation and service. If you need to pad the line "turnkey", we will help you to choose the best option, and then the installation of equipment and leak test of line is made. Warranty is provided on all sold goods by the manufacturer.