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Kindergarten Baku

Baku, Yasamal district, Basti Bagirova street, 607/609 AZ1000 *** 9 voted

About Kindergarten Baku

KinderGarten's first private school was founded in 2005 and our main objective has always been to provide quality language skills and prepare children for primary school.In 2013 was opened the private school in Azerbaijan.Entry into kindergarten is possible for the entire calendar year, beginning for children from 3 years! A high level of teaching is provided by qualified teachers who interact with children using English language, in a natural way, to induce a foreign environment.Excellent teaching methodology based on years of experience, interesting activities, varied holiday programs, preparation for elementary school and a balanced diet is commonplace in KinderGarten schools.

KinderGarten is the best place for children 

In addition, parents can track children via a webcam, or subscribe to watch both during and outside opening hours.For several years now we have also actively co-operated with Mensa for Children. Their representatives are consulted on our annual updates and training programs, which is also where we include proven and new methods in the education of children of preschool age.

Services of KinderGarten

Every child must start to develop his intellectual and creative abilities in their early stages of development that is why we offer a range of hobby groups to the parents to develop their children’s talents. Our kindergarten offers not only various hobby groups (dramatic, motion, graphic art, playing the flute) but also various out-of school activities ( yoga, salt cave visits, nature trips etc.).

  • Nutrition- Among other first-rate services that are provided, first-rate and balanced meals are prepared specially for preschool children the whole day through.In case of special diets or allergies (e. g. tomato, milk, meat etc.) we will be pleased to provide a fully suitable diet.
  • Drinking regime - It is very important especially in hot days that children keep hydrated. We are keeping files of children’s drinking. Children are offered sugar-free drinks (e. g. tea) at least five times during morning program and at least eight times during the whole day program.
  • Health Week - Children are provided regular examinations by professional doctors (pediatrician, psychologist, speech therapist, dentist), who supervise over the right development of each individual.
  • Summer holidays - The program remains nearly the same also during holidays. The Summer holiday program is full of fun, games, competitions and trips which are provided all children aged between two to ten years old. This program can be beneficial for parents whose children attend other Pre-schools and Schools that are closed during the summer holidays.