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Khazar University School of Economics

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About Khazar University School of Economics

Khazar University , which directly translates as Caspian University is a private university located in Baku, Azerbaijan.Khazar University was established on March 18, 1991 according to resolution N 41 of the Cabinet of the Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic as Azerbaijan University with English as a medium of instruction to satisfy a great necessity of the country in qualified English speaking specialists.In 1992 Azerbaijan University was renamed to Khazar University according to the decision of the Academic Council of the University.

Khazar University is:

  • a private educational institution for undergraduate, graduate and professional studies promoting advanced study and research, educational policy and development in the Republic of Azerbaijan.
  • Khazar is the first private University in Azerbaijan and in the countries of the former Soviet Union.
  • the first in Azerbaijan to apply a flexible credit-based education model.
  • the first University in Azerbaijan where the main language of instruction is English.
  • the first University in Azerbaijan composed of multiple independent schools united by the same academic policy and principles, which offer a wide scope of diverse majors in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Architecture, Engineering and Applied Sciences, Economics, Management and Business Administration, Law, Education, Medicine, and Public Health.
  • a research-oriented university.
  • also one of the leading universities in Azerbaijan in terms its relations with industry. Today the University has established effective relations with the leading local and international companies.

Academic information

In Azerbaijan, Khazar University is recognized for providing innovative Western-style education on all levels: undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral.It also runs a lab school (Dunya School) with programs on kindergarten, elementary and secondary school levels.Khazar University has a faculty of about 250 lecturers, many of whom were educated and/or trained in Europe or the United States. Khazar University is the pioneer in Azerbaijan to have a flexible student-centered credit accumulation system. Khazar’s curricula meet the standards of the leading universities in advanced industrialized democracies. The primary language of instruction at Khazar is English. These factors aim to increase the academic and professional opportunities for the students and train them to work in a globalizing international environment.