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About Kermur

KERMUR specialized bureau of advocates”, registered in accordance with the legislation of Azerbaijan Republic, would like to submit you the following list of rendered legal services:The legal services on creating, reorganization and liquidation of the commercial and non-commercial organizations: • consultation of a customer on the matters optimal choice of the kind of the legal entity for more successfully conducting of business in Azerbaijan Republic; • Preparation of foundation documents of the legal entity for establishment in such form, which corresponds to the inquiries and interests of the Client; • Registration of the organization, representatives and branches of legal entities in the state registration bodies; • Preparation of changing (new version) of the foundation documents and the other necessary documents in connection with changing of the complement of founders, the amount of the Charter Fund, the structure of the management and so on. The registration of amendments of the foundation documents in the state bodies; • Assistance in the preparation and conducting of general meetings of the participants (shareholders), the cost of directors etc.; • Consulting and conducting of organizational measures on registration and liquidation of the legal entities; • Consulting on the matters of insolvency; • Preparation of documents on buying and selling or the concession of the company or the shares in the charter fund of the company by the other way; • Preparation of documents on transmission of contributions in the charter fund of the company to the heirs of the physical or legal heirs of the legal entities; • Defense of the rights of the participants (shareholders) of the legal entities; • Presentation of different profitable proposals and the legal consultations on the matters of establishment, reorganization and liquidation of the legal entities.