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KCA Deutag Caspian

Baku, Nasimi district, Nizami street, 69 AZ1000 *** 2 voted

About KCA Deutag Caspian

The company "KCA Deutag" is a subsidiary of Abbot Group plc. In 2008, First Reserve Corporation was acquired by Abbot Group plc, after which the company re-registered as a private company under a new name Abbot Group Limited. Company First Reserve is the largest company in the world due to its stock investment, as well as the experience and practice in the energy industry. In order to create opportunities of the development in the priority areas of the world, the company is investing the finance in the company Bentec, which is its partner, and "Kca deutag". This project has allowed it to increase the number of drilling rigs in order to meet customer requirements, improve productivity, customer support. Head office "Kca deutag" is located in Scotland in Aberdeen. In addition, the company has a head office located in Germany in Bed Bentheim. There is a central system of engineering support in the same city. And there are regional offices in key production areas - Russia, the Caspian region, the Middle East, Norway. The company "Kca deutag" – is one of the some companies that have their own technical equipment, have their own team of technical services, RDS (Radio Data Service) working with a team of 500 people, and have 30 years of practice and experience. Due to the presence of these advantages, the company occupies one of the leading positions in the supply of design platforms, and mobile installations for Brownfield and Greenfield. Today "Kca deutag" deals in more than a hundred plants for cattle and drilling and is responsible for more than 30 offshore platforms located in the Caspian Sea, the North Sea, Sakhalin, in Angola. In addition, the company owns a single block drilling rig in the North Sea cattle and more than a dozen offshore mobile drilling units (MODU), which include four towers, three jack-up floating drilling rigs, drilling platforms with 3 floating tower base.