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Baku, Хatai district, Suleyman Vazirov street, 41 AZ1025 *** 2 voted

About Karvan-L

"Karvan-L" is one of the first and largest private production and trade organizations of several companies from different industrial sectors in Azerbaijan.Our company was established in 1993. There are four main trends of industry can be especially noted : chemical, paint, roofing, and glass. Main nature of business system of the "Karvan-L" company is a production of distilled naphthenic acid, siccatives, corrosion inhibitors, emulsion breakers, modifiers for mechanical rubber goods, metal, paints and varnishes, as well as the production of plant oils.We constantly improve our production program. Obtained experience and knowledge are reflected in high production technology and modern ecologically positive orientation. We have established reputation of honour and fair partner.

Activities of Karvan-L company

The customer's interests always have been a high priority for the "Karvan-L" company, therefore, our company produces high-quality products considering customers requirements and specific features and market characteristics. "Karvan-L"company is notable for manufacturing of high-quality products and competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets. By improving monitoring system and production technology we were able to significantly reduce prices at the same time managed to retain high quality of poducts."Karvan-L" company is ready to meet requirements of any client: starting from big wholesaler to physical person.

The company's products delivered to all regions of Azerbaijan, as well as Russia, CIS and Baltic countries, Europe, Asia and the United States. All customers are provided with the necessary information about the product, its application and purposes. On this site you can find full information about all the products manufactured by our company, as well as leading specialists and technologists, who for more than 22 years of existence of the company introduce new ideas and technologies for the production of high-quality and ecologically clean products of the "Karvan-L" company.