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Kartash Ltd

Khirdalan, Binagady highway, 7 AZ0100 *** 1 voted

About Kartash Ltd

Kartash Ltd. LLC was incorporated in Azerbaijan, 2003 and started to production under Mr.Fix® brand. Importance, which we attached to manufacturing and product technology, made our mark one of the most important manufacturer of building chemicals of the country in a short time.Building materials, such as stone tile and ceramic adhesives, intermediate aggregates, water insulation materials, thermal insulation materials, repair and building materials, ground materials, ready plasters and so on is produced. Concrete chemical additives are started to production under Betonmix brand in 2008.

Activities of Kartash Ltd

In 2014, production of thermal insulation materials, which is the sector developed all over the world under Polyboard brand, is started.Our company followed technological innovations constantly and continued research and development activities incessantly produce high quality building materials. Our products produced according to ISO 9001 quality management system, AZS and European standards are from products most trusted and preferred.Besides the products manufactured by our company itself, it fulfills the distribution of many world-famous brand in Azerbaijan. It fulfils import and sale of building materials known with their quality.

Products of Kartash Ltd

  • Ceramic & tile adhesives
  • Ceramics & Tile Joint Fillers
  • Plaster, Repair and Strengthening
  • Waterproofing Materials
  • Heat Insulation Materials
  • Floor Materials
  • Mortar Additives and Primers
  • Architectural Surface Protectors
  • Concrete Admixtures & Auxiliaries
  • Concrete Protection Materials
  • Heat Insulation Materials

Our Aim and Principles

  • Become organization approached respectably for environment, people and laws
  • Become organization helping economic and social development of our employees and community
  • Create value for our customers, to meet the demands of quality and stability
  • Put necessary investments to ensure the frequency of service
  • Keep the principles to work correctly and high labor discipline
  • Fulfil our obligations against people of this period and future generations
  • Our most important principles are to behave with the idea to protect the environment for Azerbaijan and the world and to spread this idea